People who missed a great opportunity to love

“I hate that person!” “I hate that group!” “I hate, I hate, I HATE!” These are the words, the feelings, and unfortunately the attitudes that we are seeing more and more nowadays. It does not matter how much we are trying to diffuse the feelings and actions, we are witnessing an increase of hate all over the world.

You probably are watching hate actions on your TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, etc. Some of us are experiencing them in our neighborhoods, where violence based on hate is ascending. Some of us are suffering it in our own families, parents against children, husbands against wives, and children against their parents.

Nobody is vaccinated against it. It seems that we all have the virus incubated in us, and when the right moment comes, or the right (or the wrong) button is pushed, hate just manifests itself with all its evilness. What should we do? How should we react to that ugly and evil feeling?

Love. Love is the best way to counteract hate, violence, and evil. The problem is that sometimes we cannot see the opportunity to demonstrate love that is right in front of us. We just do not see it. Unfortunately some of us do not want to see. The hate and evil voices are stronger than the whispering of Love.

In Luke 10:25-37 we have a very well known story. It is called “The Good Samaritan Parable.” In this story a man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho and was assaulted by robbers. He was left half dead on the road. On the same road came a Priest and a Levite, people who were supposed to know the Law, and the requirements of the Law about love, mercy, and goodness. However both of them decided to pass by on the other side.

They missed a great opportunity to love, to demonstrate the Love of God to a brother, and to someone in extreme need. Jesus purposely gives to a Samaritan, someone on the opposite side, someone considered an enemy and unclean, the right attitude toward that poor man.

This parable has many applications, but I would like to focus on the missing opportunity to show love. We talk too much about love, but when it comes to action we have the same attitude of that priest and Levite.

Maybe, like us, they had good excuses. They had a tough day in the Temple, and they were tired. Maybe they did not pay attention on the road. They had so many things in their minds that they did not see the guy on the road. Or maybe they were running late to get home. It was getting dark and that road was dangerous. But maybe the excuse was spiritual or religious. They did not want to touch a dead guy so they would not be considered religiously unclean.

Like them, we also have many good excuses for not loving someone in need. Like them we miss a great opportunity to be used by God to help, to serve, and to show love to those who are in a dire situation.

My friend, sometimes God will put you on a road where someone will be desperately in need of love. My advice for you is: DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW LOVE.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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