Small decisions that can make a big difference – Get involved with a mission

Do you know that you have a mission in the Kingdom of God? Yes, you really have! Every Christian has. When we are brought to Christ and His Lordship we are designated to an area in the Kingdom. We receive spiritual gifts and with the natural talents that God has given to us they are supposed to be combined and used in His Kingdom.

Some of us believe that our gifts are just to sit in church and watch the service, and we do that almost on a regular basis. Others do not believe that they have anything to add to the mission. Both of these viewpoints are totally wrong. They are missing great opportunities to grow and serve. On the other hand the Kingdom is missing talented people who were gifted by the Holy Spirit to be productive in God’s Mission.

There are many challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome. We need to find what, where, and how. Yes, you need to find your gifts, the areas where you should apply them, and how you should use them. But one of the biggest challenges is to make a decision to be involved. Some people know what they can do, where they should be, and how they are supposed to work in the Kingdom, but, and there is always a BUT, they are not willing to do it.

One of the excuses used is TIME. “I do not have time.”We are not asking you to give all the time that you have. Maybe you were not called for a full-time ministry. I understand that not everybody is, but all of us have a calling and a mission in God’s plan.

I also understand that sometimes the church does not offer the outlet for you to use your gifts and talents, so you end up not getting involved at all. People say: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” When someone understands that God called him or her, they will make an extra effort to find a way of getting involved.

You need to understand that no church can do everything. Most of them are able to do some of the basic tasks of a regular church, such as outreach (some mission and evangelism), nurturing (teaching, discipleship, small groups), and worship. Some churches, because of their size and the involvement of their members, are able to do more. It is possible that even these churches will not be able to reach every aspect of God’s mission.

To solve this conundrum we need to work together, churches helping and working with other churches. You also can help your church to start that specific ministry for which you have a passion. The other option is the important work of “Parachurch” organizations. The prefix “para” is Greek for beside or alongside. These are Christian faith-based organizations that usually carry out their mission independent of churchoversight.

Do not get me wrong; I am not advocating the need for anybody to leave his or her church for a bigger one or to go to a parachurch to fulfill God’s call for his or her life. My desire is for you to make a simple and small decision to get involved in some aspect of God’s mission in this world. If your church cannot do it or is not willing to do it, partner with other organizations that are already doing the work. Just do it!

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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