The first things in Heaven – 1 – God’s Glory

What happens to us when we die? Movies and books telling the stories of people who died and came back to tell their ordeal, are increasing on the bookshelves of every bookstore in the world. People are just too curious about what is going to happen when they die.

In the Bible this experience is extremely rare. We have Paul, going there and coming back, but he did not say anything about his experience. We also have the Apostle John, narrating with details his experience in the book of Revelation. In chapters 5 and 6 we learn about the first things that John saw in Heaven. Here is how he starts telling about his experience: “After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” Revelation 5:1.”

“COME UP HERE”, said the voice, probably the voice of Jesus Himself, inviting John to go up to Heaven and see things that only a few people ever saw. John shared with us his experience there, and that will help us to understand what he saw and what it looks like.

This text tells us the first things that the Apostle John saw when he went to Heaven after receiving an invitation from Jesus. It will help us to have an idea of what we will see when we get there.

The first thing that we will see in Heaven is the Glory of God. John tries to translate that beauty with human words. We know that this is hard. What does all that grandeur, beauty, and immensity mean?

            A – It Means Majesty

The Glory of God, first of all means, Majesty. We will see the Majesty of God and His Sovereignty. We will realize that God is really The God, the only one, the creator, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. John saw the throne, the lights, the sounds, the elders, and the heavenly beings; all of them worshiping in awe His Majesty. Yes, we will see God’s Majesty with all its grandiosity. 

            B – It Means Control

The second meaning of that entire Throne is Control. God is in control. The Glory of God is manifested in His control. He controls everything, not just things pertaining to His church and people. He controls the whole universe. We will realize that He never lost control, and never will. During the whole vision of the Apocalypse, or Revelation that John had, God never lost control of anything. He is seated on the Throne, commanding and governing everything.

            C – It Means Power

The Glory of God also means power. John was able to see the power of God right in front of his eyes. We also will see how powerful and mighty God is when we arrive in Heaven. John had the experience that God is a powerful God, who does what He says and wants. Unfortunately our generation is remaking the image of God. God has been described as small, weak, and sometimes irrelevant. The God that John saw was tremendous, dominant, and mighty.

My friend, when we arrive in Heaven, the first thing that we will see is God’s Glory full of Majesty. We will realize that He is powerful and was and is always in control of everything. It would be great if we could start seeing Him like that right now in our lives.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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