Psalm 120 – Lord they are against me – Part 3

Our generation is moving rapidly away from Christendom. We are not only witnessing but also experiencing an invasion of different cultures and religions. This, for some people sounds exciting, but for others looks like a threat. We are losing our space, our identity, and in some cases our own faith.

Some of us, who have had the opportunity to live in another country and experience a totally different culture, can understand better what the psalmist in this psalm is saying. Some of us were treated well because of our faith, but some were viewed and considered enemies, someone who was not welcomed in that place. The psalmist in this psalm is talking about the latter.

How can you live in a place where you and your faith are rejected? How can you practice your faith when people only say negative things about you and your beliefs? And not only that, they were dealing with people lying and inventing stories about them and their religion to discourage them. 

In this psalm we learn how to face this kind of situation. We should live with God’s help. The people of God knew that those lies were intended to discourage them, to make them turn away from their faith in God, and to stop their journey.

In this psalm we learn the right responses to this kind of attack:

            A – Crying to the Lord

We cannot win this kind of battle trying to explain every gossip, and lie about us. The Lord is the only one who can help us during this time. We do not have all the answers. We do not know how to deal with this situation. The only way is to go to the Lord and cry for help.

            B – Knowing that He will hear

The psalmist is sure that the Lord is paying attention to his crying. The Lord is listening. He knows our needs and He will answer. It is the Lord that will take care of the situation.

            C – Knowing that He will punish them.

The terrors of the Lord are his arrows; and his wrath is compared to burning coals of juniper, which have a fierce heat, and keep fire very long. The Lord will take care of the lying lips, deceitful tongues, and the false tongues.

            D – Knowing that He will deliver my soul

The main focus here is our soul. At the end it is our soul that is in danger here. If the enemy stops us from coming together to worship God and to serve Him and His people, we will damage our own soul. This is why people cried to the Lord, because their souls were very, very important.

Everyday in our lives we hear things against our God, our beliefs and our lives as Christians. Sometimes those sayings and opinions will damage our soul, will weaken our faith, and will make us diminish our participation in God’s Kingdom, and our involvement in His church.

Because of that we must cry out to the Lord and ask for help, knowing that He is there with us, He will hear our cries for help, and He will respond.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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