Psalm 123 – Lord, They Are Making Fun of Me – Part 1

Being a Christian today is not an easy task. People do not understand and do not accept the idea of God, church, discipleship and commitment. Because of that they make fun of us who want to follow Jesus and serve Him.

These are some of the names that Christians are called nowadays:

Who do you think you are, a Christian, a believer?

You are all against having fun

Bible thumpers


Crazy whackos

Bible waving freaks


Nuts for Jesus

Religious fanatics




Jesus freak

Probably you have heard of something that is not here on this list, but it has the same effect. What we must understand is that this attitude is not new. We are not the only generation in history that is suffering this kind of attack.

The people here in this psalm have a commitment to travel long distances three times a year for the holy festivals in Jerusalem, and because of that they were suffering all kinds of scorn and ridicule.

People would tell them, among other things this, “God let you be conquered and destroyed and now you are going to Jerusalem to worship?” “God is not helping you at all, and you are still going to church?” “Do you think that you are better than the others?”

The first thing that this psalm helps us to understand is the scoffers and their actions.

The psalmist tells us who they are: “for we have endured much contempt. [4] We have endured much ridicule from the proud, much contempt from the arrogant.”

The first word that the psalmist uses to describe them is Proud. The proud are those who do not need anything, at least this is what they think. They do not need God. They can live without God and His Word. They are self-sufficient. They see people willing to sacrifice, to give, and to walk long distances to serve God, and they react in a negative way.

The next word used to describe them is Arrogant. In their eyes they are not only self-sufficient, they also believe that they know more than everybody else. For them people that believe in God and want to serve Him are ignorant and stupid.

The next thing that the psalmist helps us to understand is about their actions:

The first one is Contempt. Contempt would involve hatred and disrespect. They despise anybody who disagrees with them and their beliefs. We have seen this attitude growing lately. We have seen this in schools and in the public arena. If you have a different opinion and belief, you are treated as a second-class person. Unfortunately, this attitude will end up in violence.

The second attitude is Ridicule. Ridicule would involve mockery, scorn, and jokes. Christians are suffering this all over the world. It is interesting that on the TV shows it is okay to ridicule Christians, but not other faiths. We are witnessing an open season on Christ and His church. Do not get me wrong, organized religions have done many wrong things and some of them are even funny, but that is not an excuse for people to say whatever they want about Jesus, God, the Bible, and the rest of the church.

As Christians, we need to understand that this is the world where we live, and like the psalmist; we need to learn how to deal with that.

My friend, maybe you have experienced this kind of opposition in your journey, if yes, this psalm can help you.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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