Psalm 129 – Facing Our Enemies – Part 1

In our lifetime we will have to deal with people that can be considered enemies, our enemies. They are our enemies, even if we think that we did not do anything to become their enemies. 

They are our enemies first of all, because they are enemies of our God. They do not like God, or even the idea that there is a God. Secondly they are enemies of our faith. They do not believe in what we believe. They will do everything that they can to destroy our faith. Thirdly, they are enemies of our behavior. Their hatred toward our God and our faith will bring their animosity to us. They do not like the way we live our lives. We will suffer for that, for our God and for our faith.

There is only one way out of persecution, and that is giving in. If you do not want to face your enemies, you must give up your faith in God, your beliefs, and your behavior. If you do not want to face your enemies, you must be quiet and not talk about your God and your faith. If you do not want to face your enemies, you must stop practicing your faith and the commandments of your God.

In  Psalm 129 we learn that the people who took the journey to Jerusalem to worship would have opposition, and sometimes those enemies would use violence to deter them. In the same way the enemies of our faith are real and active. They will do anything in their power to stop us or to destroy us, because of our God and our faith.

Let us learn with the psalmist how to face our enemies.

1 – RESISTING THEIR ATTACKS – The first thing that is mentioned in this psalm is how to resist their attacks. Let us look at how the enemies attack our faith, our God and us. In the first verse  we have this, “[1] They have greatly oppressed me from my youth — let Israel say”

            A – The Attacks – The first thing that the psalmist helps us to understand is the attacks.

                        I – Many – “They have greatly” – These attacks are many and great; this is the first thing that the psalmist mentions. It is not just a little word here and there; or a little action here and there. Our enemies will unleash a strong and organized attack against everything we believe.

                        II – Public – “Let Israel say” – The second thing mentioned in this psalm is that the attack is public. The psalmist calls for the testimony of the whole nation. He is saying that the attack is not something hidden in some corner of the world, but it is public, made in the daylight.

                        III – Time – “Since the Youth” – Time is the third subject that the psalmist mentions when he talks about the attack. This attack is coming and happening since he was young. It has been for a long time, and it does not look like it will go away soon.

Unfortunately, we do not need to go too far to experience opposition on our faith; we are facing it right here and right now. Our children are facing it in their schools; we face it in our working places, and sometimes in our families.

My friend, in the same way that the pilgrims sang this psalm as they went to Jerusalem to worship their God, do not let your enemies stop you from serving the Lord.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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