Psalm 129 – Facing Our Enemies – Part 2

Like the pilgrims, we Christians know that we will have opposition; we will face enemies in our journey. The question is not what or when, we already know the answer for those questions. What we need to know is how our enemies will act and what we can do to resist their attacks. 

Psalm 129 can help us to find answers for these questions. In our last article we saw what they do when they attack, now we will see how the enemy will labor against us.

            B – The Modus Operandi – The second aspect of the attack that we learn in this psalm is its Modus Operandi. This is how our enemies attack us. The psalmist describes the instruments that our enemies will use to shut our mouths and our lives.

                        I – Oppression – In verse 2 we have this, “[2] they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me.” The first way to oppose us is oppression. That is a political action. You are the minority among a majority that does not like you; or you are a majority living in a place where the minority rules against you.

                        II – Energy Drainage – In verse 3 the psalmist says this, “[3] Plowmen have plowed my back and made their furrows long.” That describes the second way to attack us. It is to plow our backs; to drain our energy; to make us bleed until we do not have more strength to go on in our faith and struggle. That idea is to slow us down in our effort.

                        III – Tied – Cords – In verse 4 we have this, “[4] But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.” Finally they will use cords to tie us and immobilize our efforts to keep practicing our faith. This is an attempt to stop us, totally.

            C – The Resistance – The next thing that this psalm helps us to learn is about the resistance in the middle of the struggle.

The psalmist is not complaining, against his enemies, he is making a statement of faith; he is standing his ground. He is declaring that he will stand up and will not bend down with those attacks.

There are two areas where he will stand up.

                        I – Internal (Inside) – In verve 2 we read, “[2] …They have not gained the victory over me.” Our first attitude is not to give in. That attitude is the internal one, “They can do whatever they want, but I will stand up and resist.” This is what the psalmist is saying. “I will not give the victory easily.”

                        II – External (Outside) – In verse 4 we have this, “[4] The Lord is righteous, he has cut me free.” The resistance is not only internal, but also external. The psalmist is not counting only on his own strength; he is, most of all, counting on the Lord’s help. The Lord is the one who will deliver us from our enemies. He is the one who is righteous and will cut us free from those cords.

My friend, now you know how the enemies will attack you and the weapons they will use. You also know how to resist. God will strengthen you and also will defend and protect you. Do not be afraid. Hang in there.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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