Psalm 134 – The True Worship – Part 2

For some of us Sunday morning is the most special time of the week. We go to church, we have fellowship with our brothers and sisters, and we worship God. We sing songs and hymns, we pray, and we listen to the Word of God preached and explained.

For a growing part of the population this is a foreign feeling. Sunday is just a day to rest and watch a game. They stay home, eating, watching TV, and relaxing, in other words, getting ready for Monday.

The people that sang this Psalm (134), had other priorities. They would journey miles and miles, sometimes many days, to go to Jerusalem to worship God. In this Psalm we learn important lessons about the True Worship. The first one is THE DEFINITION OF TRUE WORSHIP.

That is the first thing that we need to do. If we are going to worship God, we need to define true worship. By that I mean to understand the elements of true worship.

In verse one we have this: “[1] Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord.” We learn five elements of true worship. Let us take a look at them.

            A – The Action – Praise  The first thing that we need to define in worship is our action. In worship we praise God. We recognize who God is and we thank Him for being and doing so many things for us. We speak of His excellence.

            B – The Direction – To the Lord – The second thing that we need to define is the direction of our worship; we worship God, the Lord. He is the one who brings us together and deserves our praise. God should be the main reason for us to come to church.

            C – The Agents – All the Servants – We also need to define who is supposed to worship, the agents of the worship. The psalmist says that they are the servants, all the servants. We all are servants of the Lord; therefore, we all should be participants on His worshiping. He is the Lord, we are His servants.

            D – The Place – In the House of the Lord – After that we need to define where we should worship the Lord. The psalmist says that we should do that in the house of the Lord. In the Old Testament that was the Temple; in the New Testament it is wherever the church (the people of God) meets.

            E – The Time – All the Time – Finally, we come to the definition of time. The psalmist says that the people should be available to worship God any time, even during the night. Sometimes they would arrive at the Temple at night, the ministers would be there to welcome them and praise God with them. 

My friend, it is important for us to understand that we should worship God alone and with our brothers and sisters. We are servants and He is the Lord and the King. If you cannot, by any good reason meet with the body of Christ that you are connected with, you should praise, worship, and study the Scriptures anyway. The Worship is an expression of our heart. We were created to worship God.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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