Psalm 134 – The True Worship – Part 3

I became a Christian in the middle of what I can call spiritual revival in the Presbyterian Church in our region. Young people were being saved, kids were growing in their faith, sharing the Gospel, praying, studying the Bible, sometimes even without any adult around.

It was something extraordinary. We were so thirsty for the things of God that we would do anything and go anywhere where we could learn the Word, pray, or simply have a fellowship with other brothers and sisters.

I remember an interesting experience that I had during that time. It was the middle of the week and our church did not have, in that particular evening, any activity. Someone mentioned that a church (not Presbyterian) had a prayer meeting that day. So, we decided to go there and pray with our brothers and sisters. 

At that time, I did not understand the differences between the denominations, and I was about to have a big surprise. When we got there, we were welcomed by all. They sang some hymns, and then the pastor invited us to pray with him. As a good Presbyterian I kept my focus on the pastor and his prayer, at least I tried. When he pronounced the words: “My Lord…” everybody started praying. It was not just a quiet, Presbyterian way prayer, some of them started to yell, cry, raise their hands, jump, run, and others just kneeled. 

I say this, because I could not keep my eyes closed, I had never seen something like that. Later I learned that this was the way that that congregation prayed. The pastor could not finish his prayer (I was still focusing on him). He yelled, cried, many times he closed his prayer “in the Name of Jesus!”, but nobody was paying attention to him, until he grabbed a handbell and started ringing it, until everybody calmed down and started going back to their seats. What an experience!

 Psalm 134 helps us to understand some important lessons about The True Worship. In verse two we learn about THE ATTITUDE. That is the second lesson that we learn in this psalm, the right attitude when we worship God.

Sometimes we do all those things related in our past articles, but we perform them with the wrong attitude. The psalmist tells us that we must have the right attitude if we want to have a true worship. This is what verse 2 tells us, “[2] Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord.”

Let us take a look in some of them.

            A – Lift up your hands – The first attitude is the lifting of our hands. To lift the hands in the Bible has many meanings, let us see some of them:

                        I – Humbleness – The first meaning is humbleness; the attitude of humility, knowing that we are before the Creator of the Universe, and we are only simple creatures.

                        II – Submission – The second meaning is submission; the attitude of total surrender. When we come to worship God, we must give everything that we have to Him.

                        III – Dependency – The third attitude is dependency; the attitude of trust in God to care for us. When we worship God, we must trust that He is there for us and He is going to take care of us.

            B – In the Sanctuary – Sometimes it is easy for us to do those things in a room where nobody can see us. The idea here is to do that in the Sanctuary, in front of the people, in community. Our worship must be public.

            C – With Praises – When we praise Him with the right attitude, we recognize that He is good, He is the Savior and He is our Lord. This is why we sing and pray.

My friend, no matter where you worship or how you worship, the external gestures and places are only important if they come from your heart. The True Worship happens in our heart first.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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