Seven Attitudes in Prayer

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Prayer is one of the most important spiritual disciplines that we have as Christians. John Calvin wrote: “Words fail to explain how necessary prayer is, and in how many ways the exercise of prayer is profitable.” Yes, he is right, prayer is necessary and profitable. Because of that I would like to share with you seven attitudes in prayer. When you come to that special place to commune with God, how should you approach to Him in prayer? Here are seven attitudes to help you in your prayer life:

1 – Knowledge

The first attitude is knowing that there is a God, a powerful, merciful, and loving God who is willing to listen to our prayers. It is important for us to understand that God is a person and wants to have fellowship with us. This knowledge will motivate us to pray and put us in the right mood to pray.

2 – Humbleness

The second attitude is humility. When we approach God knowing who He is and what He is capable of, a sense of awe encompasses us. When we look at God and His attributes we are forced to look at ourselves and our frailty and sinfulness. Even though we are forgiven and have been granted free access into God’s presence, we still recognize that it is because of His grace manifested in Christ, not because of our righteousness. That will humble us before Him.

3 – Specificity

The third attitude is to be specific in our prayers. Sometimes our prayers look like scattered shotgun blasts. Our requests spread all over, and we never know what we asked for. Sometimes our prayers function as an umbrella, trying to cover everything. To be productive in our prayer life we need to be specific. We need do know what we are asking and why we need it. That way we will know when our prayer was answered by God.

4 – Obedience

The fourth attitude is to submit our will to God’s will. We do that when we pray according to His will. There are things and desires in our hearts that God already revealed that He will not give to us. This is why studying and meditating in the Bible go side by side with prayer. The other aspect is about our life. If we do not live a life of obedience, chances are that some of our prayers will not be answered.

5 – Believe

The fifth attitude is faith. We pray because we believe. We trust in God. We do not just know Him, but we put our trust in Him. We bring our prayers based on His promises with the assurance that He will be faithful and give us what we are requesting. It was Jesus who said to the disciples, “if you ask and believe, you will receive.” If we pray without faith, without the assurance that God is involved in the request, we will not receive it.

6 – Worshipful

The sixth attitude is marked by worship and praise. When we come before the Lord, we should not come only because we need something. We should approach His throne with adoration and praises to Him. We should recognize who He is and what He has done, not only in the world, but also in our lives.

7 – Gratitude

The seventh attitude goes close with the sixth one- gratitude. God has done so much for us. We should not come to Him without something to thank Him for. He has been gracious, merciful, and kind to us. He has delivered us from so many bad situations. He has put us in so many good places. We do not have any other option but to thank Him for everything that we have.

I pray that you will incorporate those attitudes into your prayer life. The key to the discipline of prayer is just do it: PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Whether you are going to practice these attitudes or not, is not the main thing. The most important thing is to start to pray. While you pray, you will learn how to improve.

So, my brother and sister, let us pray!

God bless you,

Pastor Lucas

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