Seven Things to Do When God Is Silent

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What do you do when you are not hearing from God, when it seems that He is quiet and silent? Last week it was like that for me. I just could not hear what He wanted me to write. I started one thing, and then realized that it was not that. I started a couple more things, until I decided to stop and wait. During that time Marta, my wife was in contact with Shery Marden who is helping me edited my texts. In one of the conversations with Marta, Shery wrote: “Trusting God When You Aren’t Hearing From Him would be another great “real life/real faith” topic for Lucas.” Finally, I was able to get the message and wrote the article, but that suggestion stuck in my mind and heart. So this week when I started to plan my article, that topic came to my mind strongly.

In the Old Testament, in the book of Psalms we hear very often the psalmists crying to God and asking Him why He is quiet and silent. Sometimes in our lives we feel the same. It seems that God is not there. We pray, but we do not feel anything. We read the Bible and we do not hear anything. We go to church and we are not moved by anything that is done there.

What should we do when we find ourselves in this situation? I would like to share with you seven things to do when God is silent. Here they are:

1 – Remember that God is present – Do not forget that because God is silent it does not mean that He is not present. God is always present, even though we do not feel or hear anything.

2 – Feed your mind and heart with God’s Word – If God is silent maybe it is because He already said what He wanted you to know. Because of that we should keep feeding our mind and hearts with God’s Word. Through the reading and meditation God will talk to you.

3 – Continue to pray – Do not forget that because God is silent it does not mean that He is not listening. God is always listening and paying attention to our prayers, so do not give up your prayer life.

4 – Find time to stay quiet – We live in a very noise world. Maybe God is whispering and you are not able to hear. Separate a time and place where you can stay quiet and listen to God.

5 – Evaluate your life – The Bible is very clear that sometimes unconfessed sin will block us from hear the voice of God. Because of that it is possible that God is not talking to you because of your rebellious attitude. There are things, actions, words, feelings, and thoughts in your life that were not supposed to be there, and those attitudes block the access to God.

6 – Pay attention in your prayers – Like a 4 years old kid asking his dad for the car keys, sometimes we act in the same way. We ask things that God already said in His Word that He would not give to us. This explains why sometimes God will not answer our prayers, it is because He already told us that.

7 – Be thankful – Even though God is silent it does not mean that He stopped blessing us. His grace, mercy, and love continue in our life. God is good, all the time. If we look around we will notice so many things that God did and is still doing in our lives, even though we are not able to listen to Him.

As you can see my brother and sister, even though God is silent during some seasons of our life, he still present and blessing us. My intention is to encourage you to keep moving forward in your spiritual life.


Pastor Lucas

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