Keeping up with your Bible reading this year

How many times have you planned to read the whole Bible and even started, but then were unable to finished that project? Some of us put that in our New Year’s resolution list every year, but by the end of March we already stopped, and some will fall behind and will not be able to catch up the reading by the year’s end.

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Do not worry, you are not alone. Do you know that most of the people professing faith in Jesus Christ never read the whole Bible? The reason is simple, IT IS A BIG BOOK! Check these numbers: 1,189 chapters and 31,102 verses. It is a thick book, the fonts are small, and most of the Bibles have double columns.

Even though we know the challenge, every year many people include reading the whole Bible in their resolution’s list. When they get to the book of Leviticus they quit, if they don’t quit before. A few are able to stick with the plan and go all the way to the end.

The reasons for stopping are not only the size of the book, but the lack of organization and a plan that would work according to your schedule. Some people say, “If a have a good program, I would do it.”

I have good news for you all. Now there are so many ways of reading that it is getting very hard to find an excuse for not reading or listening to the Scriptures. Below I will suggest some. Pick one, stick with it and enjoy the ride.

There are many Bibles that are published to help you in this project. I will not mention them all here.

Print your Plan:

If you prefer to print a plan for your reading, here it is a good one. You will find many options for your choice:

The next resources are for those who have access to computer and prefer to do their reading in the computer using your browser:

Read in your browser:

Read in your browser or receive an email:

Using your browser or receiving an email with the daily reading. In these pages you can not only read using your browser, but you can opt to receive an email with your reading in it:

Use your smartphone:

The best option so far is an application called YouVersion. They have many plans, any kind of version, and you can even listening instead of reading. You can share, comment, and read what other people are saying about the text. It is the best resource so far.

As you can see help is here for you to read your Bible. Pick one of them and go all the way to the end.

Have a blessed week and a wonderful year,

Pastor Lucas

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