Things that we would love to undo

There are things and decisions in our lives that we would love to undo. It would be great if we had one of those buttons in our lives that we could push and certain things would be undone. Unfortunately we do not have that. For those of us who used typewriters and learned to type with them, we do not have too much of that problem. We know, and knew then that mistakes could not be undone. You could use those liquids, erasers, but the best solution, at least for me, was to get another piece of paper and start all over.

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But even knowing that we cannot undo some decisions, there are a few that we would love to undo. This list is not complete, and feel free to add your own things. Second, it is not in any order of importance. They are just a list of things that I would love to undo, and I cannot anymore.

1. Decisions that we made without right advice – As long as we think that we are wiser than others, we will run the risk of making many decisions that we would look back on and say, “I wish I had asked for advice for that decision.” A good resource for advice is, family, friends, and God and His Word. If you stop and ask for advice from those resources certainly you will not have reasons to regret.

2. Decisions that we made when we were angry – “I was so mad!” This is how some people explain terrible attitudes and mistakes, not to say stupidities they have done. In the heat of the moment they could not make a wise decision, and then, it is too late to undo. This is why people say, “cool off”, “count to ten”, or “chill out”, before doing anything. We need to avoid at any price making decisions when we are angry, knowing that we will not be able to undo them.

3. Decisions that we made in a hurry – “It has to be right now.” “If you do not do it now you will lose the best opportunity of your life.” Have you heard that? How many of us made decisions under this kind of pressure and lived not only to tell them, but also to regret them. This is why people use to say , “sleep on it”, take some time to think and make a better decision. Don’t be pressured into something you will regret.

4. Decisions that we made based on wrong information – “It looked right.” “It was a great opportunity.” You know when they say, “if it is too good to be true…” probably it is. Some of us do not read the fine print. We do not care what the paper says. It looks legit, the person looks tight and right, and we just do not get all the information. We just made because we did not get all the information or the right information, and now we cannot undo them.

5. Decisions that we made selfishly – Finally there are those decisions that we made lacking consideration for others. We put our own interests first and above everybody else. We did not care what would happen with others, even if they were our friends or family. When we make decisions thinking only of ourselves, we run the risk making bad decisions that we will regret them.

My friends, we still do not have the undo button available for our decisions in life, so if you have to make a decision ask God to help you all the way.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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