Five things to do during Lent – #1 Self-denial

Lent is a great opportunity to start important disciplines in our lives. Most of us already began the 40 days journey giving up something. What we cannot forget is that this preparation is going somewhere. We should not be doing those things just for the sake of them. They are supposed to have a purpose. We are doing this not only for our body, but also for our spirit. Lent is a spiritual journey and must be treated like that.

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One of the first things, and probably the most noticed during the Lenten season is self-denial. During this time we give up something. The challenge for us is not just to give up something, but give up FOR something. Our self-denial should have a purpose. We should give up to achieve a goal. If you do not have a specific purpose during this time you are missing a great opportunity to grow.

Let me share with you some areas that you should control your intake during Lent.

Control your mind intake – During this season try to watch what you read, what you see, and your thoughts. I am not saying that you are going to turn the TV off completely for 40 days. My suggestion is for you to substitute some of your intake with good stuff. During this time read other kind of books, magazines, or watch other programs that will help your personal growth.

Control your heart intake – Another area to watch during this season is our heart. Even though the Lent is a gray time, when we are challenged to take a look inside of our lives and make changes that we do not want to do and do not like, we cannot forget that the goal is not the Good Friday, the ultimate goal is Sunday morning, Easter, the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Sometimes we will feel sad, confused, discouraged, but we cannot forget that Sunday morning is coming, full of life and transformation. So during this time feed your heart with hope and faith.

Control your food intake – I do not need to talk too much about this one. Probably you already started doing that. If not I would suggest that you start with one meal per week. I know that is not that much, but it would make a big difference in the whole process. When you do that, do not use the extra time to check your email, call someone, do errands, or take a nap. Substitute that meal with a time to meditate, read the Scriptures, and pray. You also can calculate the amount of money for that meal and donate that to someone who needs.

Control your spirit intake – Lent season is a spiritual journey, and because of that we should pay special attention in our spirit. The best diet for this process is Scriptures and Prayer. If you really want to feed your spirit, you must do those two things. My suggestion for you is to read the whole book of Psalms and pray those psalms while you read them. By the end of this journey you will notice how much your spirit grew during this process.

Make this season a special one.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas


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