Seven Reasons for NOT Reading the Bible

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We all know that the majority of the people do not read the Bible on a regular basis, even among those who call themselves Christians. Last week I shared with you seven reasons to read the Bible. Today I will give you seven reasons for NOT reading the Bible. Some of those reasons are not declared publicly or loudly, but they are in the back of many peoples’ minds. People might not admit, but they hold one or more of these statements as a good reason for them not to read the Scriptures.

Here they are:

1. The God of the Bible Is Too Powerful

From the first verse of the Bible until the last one, God, the God of the Bible, is portrayed as a powerful God. That description of God as all powerful, controlling, and sovereign bothers and troubles many people. We, the humans, created beings, want to have some control, and some of us want to have all the control. We want to dictate our lives, and live under our own rules. The God that the Bible describes is powerful, the creator, and nothing happens in the universe and in our lives, without His approval.

2. The Picture of Humans is Too Ugly 

The second reason for people not reading the Bible is that the humans are described as sinners, total depraved. They were good in the beginning, but then, the fall came, and they became weak and rebellious. The Bible does not even care to hide the faults of its heroes. It goes on showing their shortcomings no matter who they are. People have a problem in seeing unlovely humans and people who are unpleasant. Yes, we are unpleasant and sinners, and the Bible shows us as we are.

3. The Solution for Human Problems Is too Painful

People love to hear the stories about Jesus, His miracles, His teachings about loving our enemies, etc. But when we come to the Calvary, they prefer to skip, or stop reading. The solution provided by God through Christ’s passion, suffering, and crucifixion is not swallowed easily. A life for a life, that is the law requirement for forgiveness, there is no other way. But people have problems with that, and they try to make it simpler or ignore it totally.

4. The Salvation Offered Is Free

The fourth reason for not reading is that the salvation offered in the Bible is totally free. Salvation is by grace and it is received by faith alone. People have problems with that. They want to do something to pay for their salvation. They want to achieve their own salvation. They want to participate in their salvation, but the Bible does not give us room for that. The Bible is clear that salvation was and is an act of God in our behave, and it is offered graciously to us. The only thing that we have to do is to stretch our empty hands and receive it by faith.

5. The Savior Is Too Exclusive

Another reason for people not to read the Bible is the teaching of an exclusive savior. Even though all the known religions in the world are exclusive in one way or the other, Christianity is viewed as the most exclusive of all. In our current cultural climate being exclusive is unfashionable. The idea that Jesus Christ is “the only way, the truth, and the life,” will move people away from the Bible.

6. The Disciples Are Required to Have Their Lives Changed

Some people will read parts of the Bible out of curiosity, for fun, for specific interests, for historic perspective, but when it comes to letting the Bible dictate their behavior, then people have problems. They do not want to compromise their freedom and control for the teachings of that book. Christianity requires the disciples not only to read the Scriptures, but to live by them. This explains why some people do not want to read the Bible.

7. The Punishment of the Unrighteousness Is Certain and Eternal

Finally, people will not read the Bible because they do not want to learn or confirm that there is a righteous and just God who will hold everybody accountable. The Bible is clear that one day, great and small, rich and poor, black and white, Americans and foreigners, will stand before God and answer for what they did in their lives. People do not like that. They want to believe that everything will be OK, and everybody will be happy.

These reasons explain why people do not read the Bible, or when they read it, it is just selected parts, handpicked, so they will not be bothered with those ideas and themes that they do not like. Do not let those reasons stop you from reading the Bible. It is the most precious book that we have. Many people today, around the world, are dying for the opportunity to have that book in their hands. That book can change your life, if you just open it and read it, allowing it to penetrate in your mind, soul, and heart.

Have a blessed reading,

Pastor Lucas

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