Five things to do during Lent – #3 Amends

The dictionary tells us that “amend means reparation or compensation for a loss, damage, or injury of any kind; recompense.” Repentance is when you recognize that you are going in the wrong direction, or you said something wrong, or you did something wrong. Amend is when you try to make it right, or get it right.

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Lent is a good time to start incorporating this attitude in our life. We need to learn and practice this in our daily routine. There are at least three aspects of making amends that we should know and incorporate in our life.

1. Learning to be forgiven – Every time that we do something wrong and break the law we offend God. The Bible calls it a sin. God in Christ resolved this situation on the Cross. Jesus atoned for us, reconnecting us with God, making peace between us. Jesus made amends, and made reparations for us before God. We just need to accept by faith what He did, and in this way receive forgiveness. It is very important for us to understand that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that we can do to repair our relationship with God. Only Christ can do that, and He did through the Cross.

2. Learning to ask forgiveness – When we recognize that we did something wrong against someone, the need to make amends is there. We must do something. We need to learn how to apologize and in some cases how to  compensate for a loss or damage caused by our attitudes. “I am sorry” should be commonly found in every Christian’s mouth. We need, not only to be convinced of our error, but also to learn how to ask for forgiveness. I believe that right now the Holy Spirit is bringing to your mind the face and names of a few people that you need to apologize for something that you said or did.

3. Learning to forgive – Forgiveness is necessary and a very important and powerful instrument for healing relationships. But it is crucial to understand that forgiveness should operate in both directions, when we do something against someone, and when someone does something against us. Some people believe that to forgive is worse than to ask for forgiveness. When someone who offended us repents and asks for forgiveness, we should be able to forgive.

Jesus was clear in His teachings that forgiveness is an intrinsic part in the life of a real disciple. All of us who were forgiven by God, through Jesus should be able to ask for forgiveness and to forgive others.

During this Lenten season, ask God to examine your heart and help you to receive His forgiveness, to make you bold to ask for forgiveness, and to enable you to forgive those who offended you.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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