Redefining fundamentals

Whether you like it or not, we are living in a time when the paradigms are shifting. And they are shifting intensely and quickly. So quick that we are getting caught unprepared. We are not having time to adapt to one change before the second one is already upon us.

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We are the generation in the middle. People before us, have no clue how to handle these shifts, and the generation after us is used to that. For them that is normal.

The biggest problem that we face is when those leaps are too big, forcing us to readjust our worldview. That is something that our parents did not tell us. These things were not a draft in the school’s curriculums, and we did not see them coming.

We are witnessing a redefinition of many things in our lives that we thought were immutable. The floor under our feet is shaking and we do not know how to handle and not even how to interpret it. People are changing, politics are changing, countries are changing, family is changing.

But there are some fundamentals in our lives that align all the other aspects of our lives. Unfortunately we are seeing an attempt to redefine and change them too. If that happens, then this world will crumble in a very dark  age.

1. God – The first and most important is the person of God. People in the churches used to know about God, who He is, His will, His character, His personality, etc. Today, God has become more fluid. People define Him according to their personal categories and feelings. God is who I want Him to be.

2. His Word – The Scriptures have been redefined too. People do not look to the Scriptures and see authority there anymore. The Bible is considered an old book with a few good ideas about some areas of life. People now have the authority to pick and choose what is right and wrong in the Bible, so each one of us is rewriting the Scriptures according to our own preferences.

3. Church – In the past the church was the congregation of the redeemed, the disciples. People would come to church because they made a personal decision to follow Jesus and His teachings. Today, the church is becoming an social club and a political party. Prayer meeting is part of a forgotten past, Bible study and Sunday school are used to discuss the Newspaper and current affairs. People come to services to feel good about themselves.

4. The Mission – Jesus was clear for His disciples about their mission. Today the churches are redefining that mission. Churches are getting involved in politics and social agendas thinking that this is how we make disciples, or how we preach the Gospel. At the end people are doing whatever they want to do, and they think that is the mission of the church. The proclamation of the Gospel has been removed from our pulpits and Sunday school classes, and in its place we have nice jokes, and stories that make us feel warm.

Welcome to the post-Christian era. May God have mercy on us!

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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