Focusing on things that we can do

In this life there are many things that we do not have control over. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes we are right in the middle of circumstances that are out of our control. In the life of the church is the same thing. We struggle with many situations that seem impossible to overcome: the numbers going down, the age going up, the fights inside, the opposing culture outside, the lack of funds, etc.

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In the middle of all those difficult times we should take our eyes off the things that we cannot do or control and focus on the things that we can do. We are called to make a difference in this world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the love of our God. No matter the challenges that we face, we can affect this world in a positive way.

1. Making a difference where we are – First of all we can make a difference where we are. God planted us in a specific place and location, and we should understand that He wants us to make a difference right there. We must understand that our mission field is just around us.

2. Making a difference with the people that we have – Some times I hear pastors complaining: “If I had more people.” or “If I had better people.” etc. God wants us to make a difference with the people that we have. Maybe they need discipleship, training, and motivation, but they are the people that God gave us to do the ministry in our area.

3. Making a difference whenever we can – Some people think that the time for their church passed, or the time for them is over. They are wrong. We, as the church of God, must seize the day. We need to see every opportunity as a special one. As long as you are alive God has a plan for you.

4. Making a difference anyway we can – I know that some people are willing to make a difference, but under good circumstances, with the right people, tools, advertising, structures, etc. This is why we do not get many things done lately. We expect the perfect situation for us to act, and if we do not have it, we do not move. The history of the church is written by disciples that took risk and did things that were way beyond their abilities.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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