Finding Reasons to Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is here. It is a time for families to gather around a table, have fun, good food, and afterwards watch some football. People will travel from far away and wait long hours in airports or traffic jams. The weather will be the other factor in this whole week. Most of the people will face wintery conditions. But this whole thing will be handled with resilience and the willingness to see family, have some time together, share what is going on in their lives, and separating a moment to be thankful.

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Because so many things were added to this week, the travel, the games, the black Friday, which follows the big day, we are prone to forget the main reason for the holiday – to give thanks, to be grateful. As agent Gibbs said in the last Tuesday episode of NCSI, when he thanked another officer: “Not enough people been saying that lately.” He, unfortunately, is right. We are living in time when people do not say thank you anymore. They believe that they are entitled to everything, and whatever people do or God does in their favor is nothing more than what they deserve.

Because of that, I would like to challenge you to give thanks for four specific things in this week:

1. Small things – I would like you to think on small things that most of the time pass by us unnoticed. They are so small that we do not place much value on them. During these times we usually pay attention to big and flashy things, it would be good for us to look around and find the small things. These small things that would make life very hard if we did not have them. Make a list of small things that you have and use every day and thank God for them.

2. Past things – The second are the things and events that happened in the past, the far past or the recent past. Things that you experienced in your life, that you remember the grace, the love, and the mercy of God toward you. It can be a dark time that you or your family went through and got out OK. It can be a day of great victory and joy, a day that changed the direction of your life, or it can be a day that you just felt the presence and love of God in a special way.

3. Invisible things – Most of the time we remember to give thanks because we are able to see what we received, but there are gifts that we receive on a daily basis that are invisible. Peace, joy, mercy, love, kindness, wisdom, and many other things. Make a list of those presents that God bestowed upon you and thank Him.

4. Things that are not related directly to us – Finally, I would like to challenge you to take your eyes off yourselves. Look around and see what God is doing and giving to somebody else, and give thanks to Him. Even if it is for someone totally unknown to you. In this way you will be recognizing the works of God beyond yourself. God is doing great things in this world, open your eyes, watch, and give thanks!

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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