2014 Is Fading Away…

2014… Can you believe it? We are at the end of one more year. How many things happened during this year? We saw violence getting out of control. We saw terrorism advancing. We saw the economy dragging to improve, but failing. We saw the growing number of people leaving church. We saw churches, whole denominations fighting and splitting for things that were not the main mission of church, nor were theologically relevant.

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This time of the year is marked by evaluations. We, no matter where we are, what we do, or how organized we consider ourselves, always look back to see what happened not only in the world, but in our personal lives. In the news we will see and read special reports about the year. We should do that too with our lives. Take a look, make a trip to January 2014 and start from there to evaluate your year.

Let me share with you some topics and areas that you should look:

1. What went badly – Make a list in your life of things that went badly. Plans that you made but the execution was wrong. Changes that were on your list but you did not complete. If possible put it on paper. That will help you with your next list. Try to find the reasons why they went badly. Did you shoot too high? Did you not plan well? Were there events and things that happened, changing the course of your plan that you did not foresee?

2. What went well – After evaluating the things that went badly, take a look in the things that went well. Take note of all the plans and changes that you made in the beginning of the year or at the end of the last year that you were able to execute. No matter how small they were. If you planned and you did them, that counts. Maybe in the beginning it was just a wish, it was not even a plan, but you were able to pull it of. That is great. Congratulations!

3. What did not happen – The third thing that you should evaluate are the things that did not go anywhere. They were not done at all. You just were not able to execute or implement them. The way that they came, they stay. They were just a line on your list. You did not even touch them. Try to find the reasons why you did not work on them. Were they not important enough? You did not find time for them? Did you lack the right tools and abilities to execute them? This will help you to make your next list.

4. Now What? – After evaluating those areas, what went badly, what went well, and what did not go well, you will be able to work on your list for the next year. Revisit the areas that went well and see if there is room for improvement. Take a deeper look in the areas that went badly, did not go well at all and make the appropriate changes so they will not happen again. But more than anything else, put the planning and organization of your spiritual life in the first place. That is the most important area, and if you do not get that right chances are that the others will be tremendously affected. 2015 is coming. God has some exciting things for you.

Have a blessed week and a Happy New Year!

Pastor Lucas

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