Learning to be the Remnant – 3 – Be faithful

We live in a time when belief is fluid. People can believe in anything, and in our generation that is very well accepted. This explains not only the number of religions that we have in the world, but the number of Christian splinter groups and denominations that we also have. Everyday a new church starts with pastors or bishops, apostles, prophets, etc..

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The challenge is not the outside change that is taking place, but the inside changes. People do not know in what they believe anymore. They believe in everything and in nothing at the same time. And this is not something new. David had this to say: “Help, O LORD, for the godly are fast disappearing! The faithful have vanished from the earth! Psalm 12:1.”

This is where the remnant comes to the scene. The remnants are those who decided to stick with their faith, no matter how hard it is and how difficult it will be. They form a small group of people that will be known by their faithfulness. Being faithful is one of the most important aspects of the remnant.

The mindset today is “believe in anything”. But the faithful people know what they believe in and they will stick with that, no matter what. They will not change that for any reason, not for self-promotion, pride, popularity, power, fear or manipulation. No, they will be faithful. This is how we can do it:

Be faithful to God – The remnants know God and His Word and they will be faithful to Him. They will not adopt the world view that defends polytheism which is the belief in or worship of more than one god.  The remnants believe in the God of the Scriptures.

Be faithful to your faith – The same Scriptures that reveal to us the person of God also reveal other aspects of our faith. That book is the rule of our faith and practice. Unfortunately we are having an immense exodus from the Christian faith that was predicted in the Scriptures. People nowadays are making up their own faith and trying to live by it.

Be faithful to yourself – These small group of people will also be faithful to themselves. Some people are changing their beliefs for many reasons such as professional advancement, or because of peer-pressure, among others. Most of them know in their hearts what is right and what is wrong. They just do not have the willpower to stand up and declare that. They fear the consequences.

Be faithful to the church – Finally, the remnant will stick with the church. People are leaving churches today for many reasons. They want better buildings, better programs, better music, better this and better that. There is always a good reason to leave. Others are leaving for doctrinal reasons. They are just too tired to fight or to live with people that do not believe what they believe anymore. Do not forget. It is not you who choose the church. God is the one who chooses the church for you.

As you can see, being a remnant is a long and difficult journey. And it is a journey that we do not pick for ourselves. It is a journey that is given to us. What God requires from us is faithfulness. So pack your belongings and start walking.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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