Meditations on the Gospel Bracelet

“The Wordless Book”, is a tremendous evangelistic tool. It was first used by Charles Spurgeon in 1866, in a sermon preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, entitled “The Wordless Book.” The first book had only three pages – black, red, and white. Mr. Spurgeon said to an old minister that he had put those pages together and often looked at them to remind himself of his sinfulness, of Christ’s blood an the cleansing provided for him.

After some time more colored pages were added to expand the teaching of this magnificent tool. It is believed that D. L. Moody used a book of colors at a children’s service. Instead of three pages the book had four colors. The gold page was added.

There are many versions of this evangelistic tool, but lately I found one in a form of bracelet. It comes with more colors and with a card explaining the meaning of each color. Gold for heaven, marbled or swirled for sin, red for blood, blue for faith, white for forgiveness, and green for grow. This bracelet can help you to understand the Christian worldview and to share the Good News.

This is how I use this bracelet:

On the Gold I share not only about heaven, eternal life, and abundant life, but I also talk about God, His power, righteousness, mercy and grace. On the Marbled/Swirled I talk about our brokenness, sins, and rebellion against God and His Word, which impede us to receive everything that He has for us. On the Red I describe the solution provided by God for our sins: the sacrifice of Christ for us, His blood shed to give us life. On the Blue I mention the only way to receive the Gift from God – Faith, and faith alone. On the White I describe the transformation that occurs in our lives after accepting Jesus and His works – we are forgiven, and a new life begins. Finally, on the Green I encourage people to grow in their Christian life, through the reading of the Bible, prayer, serving, and attending a church.

The card that comes with the bracelet contains Bible verses reference to each color to help you with your sharing. You can buy them at I talked about them in one of my sermons and gave one to each person present, challenging them to wear and use them to share the Good News with people who would ask what the bracelet means.

But one thing that I did not know and not even think about is that this bracelet can be used for meditation. After a while wearing it, I started thinking about the colors and their meaning for my life and walk with the Lord. It has been great. It does not need to be in any specific sequence. I just look or pick one color and meditate in what that means and the lessons that God can teach me about each one of them.

During this series, we will visit each color, not for evangelistic purposes, but for our spiritual growth. It was Spurgeon that said that he put those pages together and often looked at them to remind himself of those precious stations of his journey. I believe that we can do the same thing and be tremendously benefited by this exercise.

Have a blessed week!

Pastor Lucas

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