Here are sermons and short messages to help you in your journey with Jesus.

Aqui estão sermões e mensagens curtas para te ajudar na sua jornada com Jesus.

Joel – Restoring the Distressed Times


Obadiah – When Brothers Don’t Act Brotherly

Hosea – An Illustration of God’s Grace

Amos – An Out of Place Prophet

Damascus – The Road of Hate – Part II

Damascus – The Road of Hate – Part I

Home – The Place of Brokenness

By the Sea – The Place of a Second Chance

 The House Church – The Room of Doubt

The House Church – The Room of Fear

Emmaus – The Road of Encouragement

Emmaus – The Road of Discouragement

Perseverance Pays Off

Alive, Dead, and Alive Again

If Eternal Life Is My Inheritance, How Do I Get It?

Unexpected Ingratitude

The Unhidden, Uncontrollable, an Uncontested Grace

Overcoming the Hindrances to Faith Development

The First Steps Toward Faith

What Kind of Christian Are You?

The Visible Faith

Count Your Blessings

The Testimony of Joseph

The Testimony of the Innkeeper

The Testimony of King Herod

The Testimony of the Shepherd

Seeing With Jesus’ Eyes

I Will Not Be Discouraged

How Far Would You Go?

Meet Eutychus

When the Disciples Fail In Their Mission

The Pineapple Christian

The Wordless Book:

O Livro Sem Palavras

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